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Qua tang doanh nhan y nghia nhat

Along with the development of domestic production and the deepening socio-economic integration in the world. The team of Vietnamese entrepreneurs has grown in both quantity and quality. They play a particularly important part in the country's economy and play a big role in the country's development. With their contributions, Phuc Tuong Gold would like to suggest meaningful gifts for Vietnamese Entrepreneurs; to honor their contributions to society.


Quà t?ng ngày doanh nhân Vi?t Nam 13/10

Meaning of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Day

In order to promote the role and tradition of the Vietnamese business team, to encourage all social classes to contribute to the construction and development of businesses, the entrepreneurial team is growing stronger and meeting the requirements of the business community. industrialization and modernization of the country, at the proposal of the Chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Business Association, September 20, 2004 Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Phan Van Khai signed Decision No. 990/QD-TTg on Vietnam Entrepreneurs Day,  every year  taking October 13 as “Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Day”. The Prime Minister's decision to make October 13 as Vietnamese Entrepreneurs' Day has profound historical significance - that is the day President Ho Chi Minh sent a letter to the Vietnamese industry and trade community right after the founding of Vietnam. Southern Democratic Republic.

c?m bút t??ng r?ng m? vàng

quà t?ng ngày doanh nhân vi?t nam 13-10

You have the need to find and buy gifts on the occasion of Vietnam Business Day; Come to Phuc Tuong Gold - 994 Lang Street, Hanoi so that we can accompany you to choose the most meaningful gift, showing gratitude to the Entrepreneurs who always dedicate themselves to society.
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